April 17, 2014

Easter Apps

Perfect for Easter: Bible IQ Builder apps! Challenge your own Bible knowledge, teach your children in a fun way, and have fun at your youth group! You can even post your scores to Facebook. How high can you score?

For adults:    iOS  (iOS Spanish version here)   Android      nook

For kids:       iOS    Android       nook

April 7, 2014

What We're Reading April

1. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre People by James Altchuer
2. Weight Loss for People Who Feel too Much by Colette Baron-Reid
3. Start: Punch Fear in the Face by Jon Acuff
4. The Future of the Mind by Dr. Michio Kaku
5.  The Counterfeit Agent by Alex Berenson
6.  Murder By Sunlight by Barbara Graham
7.  Bone Deep by Randy Wayne White
8.  Bonus Baby by Maggie Simpson
9.  Private LA by James Patterson
10.  River Road by Jayne L. Krentz
11.  Power Play by Danielle Steel
12.  The Chase by Janet Evanovich
13.  Killer by Johnathan Kellerman
14. Death of A Policeman by M.C. Beaton
15. The Execution by Dick Wolf
16. Starry Night by Debbie Macomber
17. Confessions of A Wild Child by Jackie Collins
18. Winners by Danielle Steel

March 26, 2014

Core Values

We have a basic list of core values and beliefs we hold to. We believe it allows us to better serve our customers and it's just the right thing to do. It's the right way to live and do business. Does your business have something similar? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Honesty: We are who we are and try to allow our personality to shine.
  • Integrity: If we make a mistake, we will do our best to fix it.
  • Demeanor: We conduct ourselves in a professional manner, but have fun too.
  • Engagement: We won't ever forget about the "social" in social media interactions.
  • Great Customer Service: We do our best to answer emails, calls, social media replies, etc in a timely, professional way.
  • Character: Our parents taught us well, and we bring that to work daily.
  • Reputation: It means everything. It takes a long time to build and a minute to destroy. 
  • Relevance: Our online content aims to be helpful and entertaining too.
  • Quality: We value each follower, customer, blog reader and we strive to bring you quality products and services.
  • Responsiveness: In the 24-7 connected world, we try to respond to you as fast as we can.
  • Thoughtful Leadership: We take responsibility for what we offer to the world. We truly care.
  • Creative Content: We work very hard to curate content that makes it worth your time to read. It takes a lot of reading, research, writing, editing, and coffee. But, you are worth that effort.

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